About the Music

About Innerscape & Dining Out

In the period from 1989 trough the mid 90’s I had just stopped drinking alcohol. But I would still hang out at two of my favorite restaurants run by my friends Mark Brandon and Barry Pruitt: Davis & Main & Santa Fe (now closed).

Often after spending an evening there I would come home and compose. So as the pieces developed I began to name some of them after items on the menus or, in one case, the initials of someone I met in that period.

Gravlox is actually a salmon dish that is quite delightful and was served at Santa Fe. The Chef Salad at Davis & Main was one of the best you could ever eat. Unfortunately, they no longer serve it. “AJ” – the initials of someone I met. Don’t recall their name now.Memory is not what it used to be. Black & Blues was a dish served at Santa Fe – Blue Corn Chips & Black Beans. The other titles are either more descriptive of the mood or feel of the piece or more generic phrase having to do with Dining out.I actually wrote both albums pretty much at the same time, but when I began to assemble the pieces together, I realized I had two distinct albums.  One more up tempo – jazzy/rock/blues, which became “Dining Out” and the other more meditative and peaceful. That one became “Innerscape“.