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I find myself in the uncharacteristic position of publicly sharing some very personal challenges. You may or may not be aware that I am facing uncertainties caused by  life changing events.

I know there have been times when friends of mine have gone through similar struggles (and worse) and after I and other friends found out about their challenges we always sat around saying “why didn’t they say something?” So I find myself in that position and therefore have decided to reach out.

Cancer Diagnoses
In the beginning of May 2011 I was diagnosed with a Malignant Melanoma beneath the retina inside my left eye. This followed a long journey of many months going to various doctors to determine what was causing a swelling on my retina.

Throughout this period of diagnoses, I was without health insurance and my medical debts mounted.

I also faced other health issues since September 2010; a temporary loss of hearing combined with vertigo during the winter followed by a debilitating virus for over four weeks in February.  As you can imagine dealing with my recent diagnosis and past issues, the time I usually devote to my business has been drastically affected.

Consequently I have exhausted my financial resources, my income has been reduced and I am facing still more time to devote to getting the treatments for the Melanoma which will limit my ability for the next month or so.

As of April 2011, I re-qualified for my health insurance and, going forward, I am covered for the radiation that I have to undertake . The radiation treatment will have the effect of damaging the vision in my left eye over the next 2 – 5 years. Because of the radiation, the center vision of the left eye will become permanently blurred over the next few years.  There is a small possibility that this will not be as bad as they say.

Quite honestly, like any person facing cancer, I’m scared. However, I find the more I share with people, the stronger I become.

Requesting Help

I am faced with having to find some other ways to supplement income. It is very difficult to ask for help, but there are times in one’s life where circumstances require the effort.

I know it is a tough time for everyone right now and if you are considering being supportive, please know I am very grateful. What ever way you choose to help, I appreciate it deeply.

Thoughts and Prayers

Of course these are most welcome and in some ways most powerful. Facing the difficult decisions associated with this condition are stressful and require me to reach deep inside for strength. The more I talk and share these challenges with people, the stronger I feel. So thank you for thoughts & prayers. I welcome and receive the support they give.

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Please consider sharing this with some of your friends and asking if they can also make a purchase.

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Hopefully over the next few months I can finish a collection of my songs that I’ve been working on for a long time. Of course your feedback about this work is very welcome.

Other friends have suggested they would like to make a donation to help. If you would like to make a donation, please use the Paypal link.


Recently I came across a quote posted by Julian Lennon on Facebook. It rings powerfully for me these days as I have already received help from several of my friends. Please keep this in your hearts:

“Rather than getting even with those that hurt you, the challenge is to get even with those that help you…”